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inq. provides solutions in Cloud Migration, Cloud Backup and Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions.

Cloud Data Management

Complete Enterprise Cloud Data Management.

inq. Cloud Data Management solution offers on-demand enterprise data management, which can be used for backup, archives and disaster recovery. Powered by our inq. Control Platform™, the data management solution not only includes files on servers, laptops and desktops but also includes data stored in your public cloud, virtualisation including Office365. The features include the ability to stream data on demand, border-less visibility of your data and provide complete data management.

Our Offerings:

Infrastructure backup:

Data only backup solution for servers. All data stored on the server will be backed up to inq. Cloud and can be recovered in the event of a server failure.

Desktop Backup:

Backup as a service for data stored on computers. Allows users to configure which data can be backed up.

Stream Data on Demand:

Access your data and have visibility of your data to provide complete data management.

Our Benefits:

Symmetrical Speeds:

Both upload and download speeds are guaranteed.

Online Security:

Ensure your online activities are secure through our online security system.

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

SLA driven with a focus on latency, bandwidth and uptime.


Bandwidth prioritisation works in conjunction with redundant international capacity. All traffic on your service is prioritised when there are international fibre outages; this includes a prioritised escalation matrix.

Redundant International Capacity:

Automatic prioritisation on our multiple international routes when outages occur. When fibre outages occur, your service and speeds will not be affected.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

inq. Cloud IaaS solution provides you with a high-performance virtual machine with multiple form factors which can be quickly spun up on-demand.

Powered by OpenStack, inq. Cloud IaaS solutions provide you with the ability to scale your infrastructure dynamically on inq.’s regional clouds ensuring lower latency and data protection.

Our Benefits:

Powered by OpenStack:

Using OpenStack allows for virtual machine costs to be kept low.

inq. Control Platform™ for Centralised Management

The inq. Control Platform™ allows enterprises to build, deploy, manage and monitor their virtual machines; block storage and networking from a single portal. This provides an easier user experience.

Completely On-Demand

The solution is completely on demand meaning there are no wait times, all you need is to login, spin up and move ahead.

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